Benji Bankroll Bamboo Wooden Rolling Tray

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  • Brand: Benji
  • Multi-Use Preparation Tray
  • Size: 9.5" x 7"
  • Placeholder Cut Out for Accessories
  • Includes Pre-rolls, rolling papers and grinder

Benji Bankroll Bamboo Wooden Rolling Tray

The Banji Bankroll bamboo wooden rolling tray is one of our favorite wood rolling trays to ever exist. It has a super sleek design with a black wood finish. Each kit comes equipped with everything you need to start rolling up right away. 

There are two pieces to this tray, a top and bottom. They are connected through magnets which snaps them together. Inside contains benji pre-rolled cone, benji rolling papers and a biodegradable grinder. There is also a scooper to scoop up all the pollen and ground herbs.

Although there are placeholders and cut outs on the tray board, each slot has its own purpose. There are slots to hold your cones, lighters and dab tools.


  • Benji Bankroll
  • Biodegradable grinder
  • Benji booklet
  • Benji pre-roll tube
  • Scooper